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Genesee Country Village & Museum offers extraordinary wildlife and sporting art that spans four centuries—from the 1600s to the 1900s. This historic collection features works by such distinguished artists as John James Audubon, Robert Bateman, Frederic Remington, Carl Rungius, Maud Earl, Bob Kuhn, Allan Houser and Bruno Liljefors.

The collection of notable paintings and sculptures traces profound social, artistic and ideological changes in the interaction between humans and animals. Shifting perspectives are dramatically portrayed among the works—Animals as prey, as servants, as companions, and as subjects of curiosity and scientific inquiry.

Intrigued with the wildlife and sporting art genre, John L. Wehle, Genesee Country Village & Museum founder, an avid sportsman and conservationist, began collecting representative works—acrylic, oil and watercolor paintings, prints and bronze sculptures—to fill the gallery. Today, visitors of all ages enjoy and are inspired by this internationally recognized collection.

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